RTT 2.x

About the lib/orocos/ organisation.


The OCL installation have changed in 2.1.1. The libs go in lib/orocos/orocos-ocl.

I don't see how should i deploy my components ? For example i have a package Foo with components (like OCL and reporter, timer, ...), typekit, and transport. Should i make a lib/orocos/foo directory ? Where should go types ? In lib/orocos/types or lib/orocos/foo/types (so i export RTT_COMPONENTS_PATH to lib/orocos/foo) ?

Thank you for your help.


Autoproj seems not installed


I installed orocos-toolchain using the bootstrap.sh script succefully a week ago, but is seems that autoproj is not installed. I don't find a program called 'autoproj'. It is not in the orocos-toolchain/install/bin folder nor in the orocos-toolchain/autoproj folder. I did append 'source /opt/orocos-toolchain/env.sh ' to my .bashrc

Do I need to do a separate build for that and how? (no CMakeLists or Makefile in autoproj folder)

Even more surprisingly, the search engine of the orocos forum crashes on 'autoproj' and not on other search terms...



Orocos Toolchain 2.1.1 MinGW test output

This is the output after running all Orocos test for an Orocos MinGW build:

Running tests...
Test project C:/CodingXP/Sources & Projects/orocos/build_orocos-toolchain-2.1.1_mingw4.4
      Start  1: main-test
 1/32 Test  #1: main-test ........................   Passed    0.02 sec
      Start  2: list-test
 2/32 Test  #2: list-test ........................   Passed    0.00 sec
      Start  3: core-test
 3/32 Test  #3: core-test ........................   Passed    5.14 sec
      Start  4: task-test
 4/32 Test  #4: task-test ........................ Click below to read the rest of this post.

Some test cases fail for Orocos 2.1.0 RTT built with MinGW


I just downloaded and Orocos 2.1.0 RTT and compiled it with MinGW GCC4.4.0 and boost 1.43. Compilation ran to completion without any errors (only some warnings because of missing -enable-auto-import flag) - great :O)

Then I tried to run all test cases from the tests folders and some of the tests failed. The following test failed:

enum_type_test function_test marshalling_test program_test property_loader_test property_marsh_test property_test scripting_test state_test types_test

I attached the console output of all tests that failed. Click below to read the rest of this post.

updateHook called before startHook !!!

Hello orocos-devs.

I'am working on the git master branch of the 9th november.

While i'm tracking why my nonperiodic task don't start automatically, i have found a very strange bug !

The updateHook seems to be called before the startHook. I join the archive that allow me to reproduce the bug (i have to launch the test several times, it depend on the timing).

I suggest an error in the rtt source code. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Segfault in CDataFlowInterface_i::getPortType

Hi rtt-devs

I have a problem when i try to connect remote port over CORBA.

I'am not sure to correctly code each step, but i get a SEGFAULT.

So i join a test case and the top of the backtrace at the end of the message.

Each bug i found, i try to find the cause myself, but i hardly understand the code. Click below to read the rest of this post.

collect() called on incomplete SendHandleC error

Hi orocos devs

I have this message when i try to "send()" a "ClientThread" operation on a remote component :

collect() called on incomplete SendHandleC. Wrong number of arguments provided for method '' Expected 1, got: 0

Everything works if i use "call()".

I join my test case.

I will continue my research, but if you have any ideas, let me know please.

Thank you.

P.S. : is there any easy searchable archive of the mailing list ?

Uninitialized bool property cause marshalling failure.

Hello Orocos devs !

The scenario is :

Load a component with an uninitialized property and try to save the properties twice.

I join an archive with the scenario and here is a kind of log :

deployer-gnulinux -s deployment.xml Test

cd Foo

.provide marshalling


marshalling.writeProperties("foo.xml") 26.070 [ ERROR ][TinyDemarshaller] Wrong value for property 'boolean'. Click below to read the rest of this post.

C Turtle Update: Now with Orocos

An announcement from our service-robotics friends at ROS:


We've released a new set of debian packages for C Turtle. This update
is notable as it is the first release that includes an externally
contributed stack: orocos_toolchain_ros. orocos_toolchain_ros provides
compatibility between ROS and the Orocos robot software framework.
We're very excited that we are now able to provide debian packages
from the growing ROS community and hope to see more community
contributions in future updates.

For a list of updated stacks, please see:


 -- your friendly neighborhood ROS packers

Orogen lodable component

Dear Sirs,

is It possible to use orogen to build components that are lodable by deployer-<targhet> ?

I tried to create a test component, but the deployer give me the following errors

0.100 [ Info ][DeploymentComponent::import] Importing component libraries from directory /usr/local/lib/orocos ... 0.119 [ ERROR ][DeploymentComponent::import] Unloading /usr/local/lib/orocos/libtest-tasks-gnulinux.so: not a valid component library: 0.119 [ ERROR ][DeploymentComponent::import] /usr/local/lib/orocos/libtest-tasks-gnulinux.so: undefined symbol: createComponent 0.119 [ ERROR ][De... Click below to read the rest of this post.