OCL documentation - .provide functionality


the OCL deployment manual states in section 1.1:

"Figure 1, “Component Deployment Overview” shows the basic steps. An
XML file contains instructions for the DeploymentComponent where to
look for components ('import statements'), which component types to
create, which name they must be given and how their internal thread is
configured (priorities, periods,...). Furthermore this file describes
the network interconnections between all components and how data must
be relayed from one component to another. The
loadComponents("file.xml") method reads this file, looks up the
components, creates them and stores the configuration parameters. One
can apply the configuration (threads, properties, data
connections,...) by calling configureComponents(). After this step,
the components (and the application as a whole) can be started with
startComponents(). In order to do these steps at once, you can just
write kickStart("file.xml")."

It should mention that, in order to be able to execute these commands,
one has to load the marshalling service first:

".provide marshalling"