The Kinematics and Dynamics Library

Kinematic Chain: Skeleton of a serial robot arm with six revolute joints.

The Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL) develops an application independent framework for modelling and computation of kinematic chains, such as robots, biomechanical human models, computer-animated figures, machine tools, etc. It provides class libraries for geometrical objects (point, frame, line,... ), kinematic chains of various families (serial, humanoid, parallel, mobile,... ), and their motion specification and interpolation.

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kdl viewer

>Is there an up to date kdlviewer in the svn source? Are there any plans to convert it to the new API?

We have a roadmap to bring KDL closer to Blender, so we will probably use Blender for the visualisation (through their python script interface using the python bindings of KDL).

I also recently found out about people of the university of Munich that have there own visualisation, maybe they can publish that one to.