[Bug 619] New: Improving the examples, documentation and tests.

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Summary: Improving the examples, documentation and tests.
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Severity: enhancement
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Component: documentation
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Improve examples and tests

When I was looking at our tests of the filters I was not completely satisfied
with the work we did before. Therefore I started to change some stuff, such
that the choices of parameters, ... are not done in the test file itself but
are in stead obtained from a "property file".
Immediately I started updating the examples in the same spirit. Therefore I
also had to adapt our getting started guide.

I also updated the MobileRobot class of the examples such that it uses the BFL
functionality more optimally (i.e. use a system model to move and a measurement
model to measure ;)) and such that it reads its properties from the property
file: mobile_robot_wall_cts.h.

This changes resulted in more clean tests in the filter tests (if you don't
understand this, please read the patch :) )

[Bug 619] Improving the examples, documentation and tests.

For more infomation about this bug, visit <https://www.fmtc.be/bugzilla/orocos/show_bug.cgi?id=619>

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Patch applied in revision 29930:

Sending docs/getting_started_guide.tex
Deleting examples/compare_filters/mobile_robot_wall_cts.h
Sending examples/compare_filters/test_compare_filters.cpp
Sending examples/discrete_filter/CMakeLists.txt
Sending examples/discrete_filter/test_discrete_filter.cpp
Sending examples/linear_kalman/CMakeLists.txt
Sending examples/linear_kalman/test_linear_kalman.cpp
Sending examples/mobile_robot.cpp
Sending examples/mobile_robot.h
Adding examples/mobile_robot_wall_cts.h
Sending examples/nonlinear_kalman/CMakeLists.txt
Sending examples/nonlinear_kalman/test_nonlinear_kalman.cpp
Sending examples/nonlinear_particle/CMakeLists.txt
Sending examples/nonlinear_particle/test_nonlinear_particle.cpp
Adding examples/nonlinearanalyticconditionalgaussianmobile.cpp
Adding examples/nonlinearanalyticconditionalgaussianmobile.h
Sending examples/smoother/test_kalman_smoother.cpp
Sending tests/complete_filter_test.cpp
Sending tests/complete_filter_test.hpp
Sending tests/smoother_test.cpp
Transmitting file data .................
Committed revision 29930.