Coordinated OCL/KDL/BFL releases with RTT 1.2.0

I've just created the rtt-1.2 branch in order to prepare the 1.2.0 release.
This branch should only accept documentation updates and critical bugfixes.

You can preview the RTT 1.2.0 documentation/changes here:

Both KDL and OCL require a new release too which uses the new features of RTT

KDL and OCL are at version 0.2.1. I propose to release both with v0.4.0. The
KTaskBrowser will be released at v1.2.0, as announced earlier.

Ruben, can you prepare the KDL release asap ? I plan to release RTT 1.2.0
on May 14. Could you write up some release notes and release it before that
date ?

Are there any release plans for BFL ?