* BFL moved to Orocos subversion repository
BFL was moved from its original subversion repository, to the Orocos
subversion repository. Because this is a different repository, it is not
possible to automatically migrate your checks out copy of BFL. You will need
to store the local changes in your copy of the old repository (svn diff),
then check out the new BFL trunk (svn co, and finally apply your
changes to the new trunk. Also check out the updated installation

* BFL switches to cmake
Over the past week, BFL has followed RTT, KDL and OCL in their move from a
build system based on autotools, to a build system based on cmake. This
should also make it easier to build BFL for Windows. The installation
instructions for linux have been updated. If anyone tries a Windows build,
we're interested in your experiences.

* BFL and MatrixWrapper merged
BFL relies on the MatrixWrapper to make itself independent of the underlying
matrix library (Lti or Newmat). In the past BFL and the MatrixWrapper where
two separate projects. We now merged the MatrixWrapper into the BFL, which
decreases maintenance efforts and makes it easier to install BFL.

See for more information.
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