Real-time control and data acquisition links

  1. RTAI, Xenomai, RT-Linux/GPL, Ecos, RTEMS, Ethernut. The latter three are non-Linux operation systems, targeted at small footprint embedded systems (e.g., without memory management unit, TCP/IP stack or file system); Ethernut is even meant for 8bit computers.
  2. Some control toolbox environments for Linux: RlTool,
  3. Comedi: realtime and non-realtime device driver library (AD, DA, DIO, counters, encoders, …).
  4. JDDAC (Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control) is a platform for building sensor networks and data acquisition systems. JDDAC enables Java applications to interact with the physical world by providing the means to manage transducers and to access measurement data streams. JDDAC is based on the IEEE 1451 standards for smart transducers.
  5. MatPLC , a software PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
  6. CAMRIT , adaptive realtime image transmission using RT-CORBA.
  7. Realtime plotter tools can be found in the GUI projects around the ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) audio framework. For example, alsaplayer has various very fast signal plotting classes, based on the multi-platform SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) toolkit.
  8. JChart2D and KST are plotting projects, with provision for realtime streams.
  9. Real Time Lab, an RT-Linux based real-time experiment interface software.
  10. Qt4Lab, ProcessViewBrowser: programs for industrial process visualization.
  11. Osqoop, QoscC, QtDSO, Qtscope, Xoscope: software oscilloscopes.
  12. RRDtool, a Round Robin Database software. It stores and displays time-series data in a very compact way that will not expand over time, and it can create beautiful graphs.
  13. gcontroller, simple dynamic control systems simulation.
  14. libfilth, a library for designing, analysing, transforming and executing digital FIR and IIR filters.
  15. harminv, a library for decomposing a signal into a sum of decaying harmonics.
  16. The OCERA (Open Components for Embedded Real-Time Applications) has lead to a revolutionary real-time memory allocator. TLSF: A New Dynamic Memory Allocator for Real-Time Systems.
  17. A starting document about a lock-free data structures library (liblfds). This future library would only be useful in a real-time context if, indeed, it is hard real-time.
  18. Scilab/Scicos offers a graphical environment to write control software. It is not Free Software, but you can use it as long as you don't commercially exploit it.
  19. RTAI-Lab allows models exported from Simulink (The MathWorks), Scicos (INRIA) or Matrixx (National Instruments) to run on real-time Linux. A graphical user interface plots the data. An RTAI Lab tutorial is available as well.

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Real-time data series plotter

A real-time graph plotter with a point-and-click interface and a Java class library for data handling is the LiveGraph project: