Graphs - FSM - Component diagrams links

  1. FlowDesigner (was previously named Overflow), C++ framework for graphical building of components. It has a robotics component, RobotFlow. In the same set of projects, Marie is the newest, working towards ACE + CORBA as platform.
  2. boost::fsm, an C++ FSM library from the Boost project.
  3. JGraph, A Java program to draw and process graph structures. It has a very flexible design, with callback on drawing and viewing events.
  4. EmSim (Emergy Simulator), a Java to model and simulate the kinetic and the thermodynamics of ecological-economics, in the Bond Graph paradigm. With a little bit of imagination, this could also be turned into a flexible tool for general dynamic system simulation, and hence also for robots.
  5. OpenModelica is a project that works towards a free software implementation of the Modelica standard for modelling and simulation of dynamical systems.
  6. HydSel, "allows modeling a class of hybrid systems described by interconnections of linear dynamic systems, automata, if-then-else and propositional logic rules."
  7. XGMML (eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language) and GXL (Graph Exchange Language) are XML applications that use tags to describe nodes and edges of a graph. The purpose is to make possible the exchange of graphs between differents authoring and browsing tools for graphs.
  8. Boost Graph Library (BGL) (Was Generic Graph Component Library), a C++ library on top of STL.
  9. Graphviz "is a set of graph drawing tools for Unix or MS-Windows (win32), including a web service interface (webdot). Source code and binary executables for common platforms are available. Graph drawing addresses the problem of visualizing structural information by constructing geometric representations of abstract graphs and networks. Automatic generation of graph drawings has important applications in key technologies such as database design, software engineering, VLSI and network design and visual interfaces in other domains."
  10. AutoFSM (Automated Finite State Machine), GPL library to define and implement Finite State Machines.
  11. PIPE (Platform Independent Petri Net Editor), Petri net editor and analyzer.
  12. CHSM (Concurrent Hierarchical State Machine), a GPL library to define and implement Finite State Machines.