Using Autoproj


autoproj will only work if you completed the bootstrap process and you sourced the file. See the Quick Start page for setting up autoproj correctly.

Minor release upgrades

In order to get the latest bug fixes of the current release, use these commands:

autoproj update
autoproj build

Major release upgrades

In order to upgrade from one major release to another, use these commands:

autoproj switch-config branch=toolchain-2.3
autoproj update
autoproj build

You may replace the branch=toolchain-2.3 with any branch number going forward or backward in releases. We have: master, stable, toolchain-2....


If you'd like to reconfigure some of the package options, you can do so by writing

autoproj update --reconfigure
autoproj build

Warning: this will erase your current configuration (ie CMake) in case you had modified it manually !

A comprehensive autoproj manual can be found here