RTT 2.x

Orocos Toolchain v2.5.0 released !

The Orocos development team is proud to announce the fifth major release of the Orocos Toolchain. It's a fat month late, partly due to your maintainer being loaded, partly due to the had-to-fix-show-stoppers that popped up the last month. The end result is shining though.

logging linker configuration (cmake)

Hi developers,

I'm try to use OCL::logging for realtime logger on my components. But I don't found the method to declare correctly the use of the library OCL::logging on the Linker.

I try to use something directly on my CMakeList.txt like:

target_link_libraries(myDriver ${rtt_PACKAGE_PATH}/install/lib/orocos/${OROCOS_TARGET}/ocl/liborocos-ocl-logging-${OROCOS_TARGET}.so)

but the compilation appear with errors:

> make
Makefile:7: This Makefile builds this package with default settings
mkdir -p build
cd build ; cmake .. Click below to read the rest of this post.

KDL installation and compatibilities.

Dear Developers,

I'm trying to install KDL(v1.1.99) on my Ubuntu 10.04LTS, but I can't install. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Out of memory compiling RTT

Hi developers,

I'm trying to instyall orocos-2.4.0 toolchain on Embedded motherboard with Vortex86Dx and 510MB of memory and when I use autoporj fas-build, when it arrives to : build rtt (45%) the system crashed with the error:

  Out of memory: kill process 520 (c++) score 5202 or a child
  Killed process 5421 (cc1plus)
Build failed: rtt: failed in build phase
'make -j1' returned status 2
 [45%] Built target orocos-rtt-gnulinux_dynamic
 [45%] Building CXX object rtt/typekit/CMakeFil... Click below to read the rest of this post.

Autoproj manifest problem installation

Dear all,

I try to install Orocos toolchain 2.4.0 from tarball source from the website into with a Debian 6.0.2 OS, I used the next commands:

> apt-get install ruby 
> apt-get install cmake
> apt-get install libboost-all-dev
> apt-get install libomniorb4-dev
> apt-get install libomnithread3-dev
> apt-get install omniorb4-idl
> apt-get install omniidl4
> apt-get install rubygems
> apt-get install libxslt-dev
> gem install nokogiri
> gem install autobuild
> gem install autoproj 
> bootstrap_toolchain.sh
> source ./env.sh
I has been problems with the installat... Click below to read the rest of this post.

Boost libraries

Dear users & developers,

What version of Boost is full compatible with toolchain-Orocos-2.4, and I see that is expected to launch a 2.5 version, it has more compatible with the last version of Boost (1.47) , because I try now to reinstall the framework and appear this error with Boost 1.47

    /media/DATA/orocos-toolchain/utilmm/src/configsearch/configuration_finder.cc:71: error: ‘system_complete’ is not a member of ‘boost::filesystem’
    make[2]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/utilmm.dir/configsearch/configuration_finder.o] Error 1
    make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Click below to read the rest of this post.

Orocos Script vs Lua Script

Hi Developers & Users,

Somebody can show me about the differences between Orocos Scripting and Lua Scripting? because my first impression is that with both we can configurate the same things and have more or less the same powerfull, but the Orocos Script shows as more clean than Lua. What's the differences for choose them?

Thanks in advance, Toni

KDL | ABB 6400 kinematic model || external axis


I've adapted the example KUKA definition to an ABB IRB6400. The next step is to model external axis; for instance a linear track and an orbit table [ aka welding table ]. I can still picture modeling the linear track as a segment that precedes the first joint, though I have a harder time coming up with a way to model the external axis. Perhaps what I'm struggling with is largely semantically; I need to adapt my [limited] understanding of things to KDL's semantics. Click below to read the rest of this post.

I can't compile RTT

Dear Developers,

I'm trying to compile RTT files on Ubuntu 10.04 and it can't compile.

/media/DATA/orocos-toolchain/rtt/build$ cmake .. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Orocos Script documentation

Dear Developers,

I'm working with Orocos Script (*.ops), but need more information about the available commands allowed to used. Please, somebody could to said me where I can found documentation about this script?

Best regards & Thanks in advance for your support. Toni