RTT 2.x

Problem install KDL.

problems installing KDL

StateMachine, transition is not executed

Configuring loggers

Dear Developers,

I'm try to configure logger/appenders on my sourcode, at the moment I'm using RTT:Logger on it and start the component using Lua script (*.ops). I see some examples to configure the appenders using XML files, but how I can configure it using Script?

Thanks in advance Toni

Stop Start Components from ROS

Hello everybody,

In our robot we use etherCAT for the realtime control of the robot. For this, the soem_master component is deployed in Orocos and the controllers are connected to this component.

However, it might sometimes be usefull to enable only certain controllers, like only the wheels. Click below to read the rest of this post.

multi-output single input connections?

It might be that I did not search properly, but I cannot find in the docs / on the mailing list what is the current status of the connection pattern with multiple OutputPorts and a single InputPort. I know it has been discussed during the dataflow overhaul, but what is the result? Is it allowed or not? And if allowed, are there pitfalls to be expected? I am specifically interested in the case that the InputPort is an event port.

Thanks in advance, Theo.

marshalling bools

situation: In my component there is a property of type= std::vector<bool> When I load this property through marshalling from a cpf file or xml in an xml startup file, I get a segfault. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Connection between components doesn't work

Hello, I'm trying to create 2 OROCOS components and to make a connection between them using ROS. So, I've created 2 files : component1.cpp and component2.cpp and an XML file to define a mapping between them. Click below to read the rest of this post.


Hi everybody,

Included in the orocos_toolchain_ros are the:

rtt_ros_integration_geometry_msgs rtt_ros_integration_nav_msgs rtt_ros_integration_sensor_msgs rtt_ros_integration_std_msgs

All these messages are part of the common_msgs stack.

But, since orocos is very usefull to control hardware, why is diagnostic_msgs not included?

I am aware of the new script to generate these packages, which is very usefull btw, but I was just wondering.


Corba KDL Plugin

Hi All,

is there a Corba plugin for the KDL types?

I'm trying to define a plugin for the types KDL::frame and KDL::JntArray.

This is my header (I'm not sure this is this is completely correct):

#include "kdl/frames.hpp"
#include "kdl/jntarray.hpp"
namespace KDL{
    typedef KDL::Frame Frame;
    typedef KDL::JntArray JntArray;

When I try to create the plugin by means of the command:

typegen --output . Click below to read the rest of this post.