RTT 2.x

euRobotics Workshop Material

The euRobotics Forum workshop on Orocos has been a great success. About 30 people attended and participated in the hands-on workshop. The Real-Time & Open Source in Robotics track drew more than 60 people. Click below to read the rest of this post.

Toolchain Releases

This page lists all the releases of the Orocos Toolchain. You can find matching version numbers on the git branches of the Orocos Toolchain git repositories.

euRobotics Workshop Sources

There are two ways you can get the sources for the workshop:

  • Using Git
  • Using a zip file

Since the sources are still evolving, it might be necessary to update your version before the workshop.

Hello World application

The first, ROS-independent part, uses the classical hello-world examples from the rtt-exercises package. Click below to read the rest of this post.

[solved]: [Xenomai-help] Xenomai Posix skin init, device or resource busy

Hi all,

Last week I had an error "Xenomai Posix skin init: pthread_setschedparam: Device or resource busy" when I ran deployer-xenomai on PowerPC linux-2.6 (please check below for detailed configuration).

When building xenomai, I used "./configure --enable-dlopen-skins ..", which is not necessary for my application. Click below to read the rest of this post.

rviz for orocos

Hello everybody!

For debugging purposes we created a script that generates 'some kind of' rviz overview of the connection between the orocos components.

So this script: https://amigo.wtb.tue.nl/svn/amigo/code/tue-ros-pkg/dev/tue_actuation_dev/orocos_components_dev/graph.sh

Uses this python script: https://amigo.wtb.tue.nl/svn/amigo/code/tue-ros-pkg/dev/tue_actuation_dev/orocos_components_dev/scripts/orocosgraph.py

To generate an image like attached from this ops file: https://amigo.wtb.tue.nl/svn/amigo/code/tue-ros-pkg/dev/tue_actuation_dev/amigo_base_controller_dev/deploy.ops ... Click below to read the rest of this post.

[PATCH] compilation errors rtt 2.3.0 boost 1.46

A new boost version has been released, 1.46. The boost/filesystem lib has had a major revision, for that small changes need to be made to PluginLoader.cpp Furthermore, I get errors because 'assertion' is ambiguous in the Parsers. I suppose it has to do with changes to boost/assertion. I added namespace specifiers in front of assertion, not sure though if this is what you think is appropriate. It made the compilation succeed.

Patches attached.

Cheers, Theo.

libxenomai.so.0: cannot handle TLS data

Dear all,

I am running orocos-xenomai on PowerPC linux. I upgraded my powerpc linux kernel from 2.4.25 to 2.6.33.

Linux kernel: 2.6.33 xenomai: orocos: orocos-rtt-2.2

I can compile rtt and ocl, but when I run deployer-xenomai in powerpc linux terminal, I receive an error: libxenomai.so.0: cannot handle TLS data

Could someone help me please? Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Lin

Orocos Workshop at euRobotics Forum, 7 April, Västerås

Intermodalics, Locomotec and KU Leuven organize an Orocos hands-on workshop on April 7 at the euRobotics Forum 2011, held in Västerås, Sweden on April 6-8. This is the major annual networking event for academic and industrial robotics researchers and product developers. Attending this event is only 94€ which includes all meals served at the European Robotics Forum on April 6-8, including dinner and evening activities. The participants also get free access to the exhibition and three full days of interesting seminars and sessions.

During the workshop, the participants will use their own laptop to control a real and a simulated KUKA YouBot, for which Locomotec is doing the distribution.

We are setting up a workshop webpage where participants can find the instructions on how to prepare for this workshop. Registration for the workshop is required, registered users will also receive updates by email as the instruction are updated.

euRobotics Forum Programme euRobotics Forum Registration

euRobotics Forum Mac OS-X Setup

Toolchain Installation

Due to a dynamic library issue in the current 2.3 release series, Mac OS-X can not be supported during the Workshop. We will make available a bootable USB stick which contains a pre-installed Ubuntu environment containing all necessary packages.

euRobotics Forum Linux Setup

Toolchain Installation

The installation instructions depend on if you have ROS installed or not.

NOTE: ROS is required to participate in the YouBot demo.

With ROS on Ubuntu Lucid/Maverick

Install Diamondback ROS using Debian packages for Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) and Maverick (10.10) or the ROS install scripts, in case you don't run Ubuntu.

  • Install the ros-diamondback-orocos-toolchain-ros debian package version 0.3.1 or later:  apt-get install ros-diamondback-orocos-toolchain-ros After this step, proceed to Section 2: Workshop Sources ... Click below to read the rest of this post.