Bulding a typekit generated by typegen with catkin_make in ROS Indigo

Hi all,

I'm facing problem when I try to build a typekit generated by typegen with catkin_make in ROS Indigo. In ROS workspace, in ROS package (.../ws/src/oro_test/src) I generate typekit with following command

typegen -o Types ala_typekit ala.h

then I modify CMakeFile.txt

orocos_typekit(ala_typekit src/Types/Plugin.cpp
target_link_libraries(ala_typekit ${catkin_LIBRARIES} ${USE_OROCOS_LIBRARIES})

Proceeding this way, the building process success with flowing warning

.../ws/src/oro_test/src/Types/ala_typekit/typekit/Types.hpp:6:2: warning: #warning including ala_typekit/Types.hpp directly is deprecated 
You should include the headers that define your types directly. typekit/Opaques.hpp should include ala_typekit/typekit/OpaqueFwd.hpp and 
typekit/Opaques.cpp should include ala_typekit/typekit/OpaqueTypes.hpp. (in doubt, see the files in templates/typekit for both of these) 
Finally, if you are reall really sure, you can still include ala_typekit/typekit/Types.hpp Be warned that this last option may disappear at any moment [-Wcpp]
 #warning including ala_typekit/Types.hpp directly is deprecated

The questions are following

1. How to suppress this warning?

2. Is better way to build typekit generated by typegen, then I have presented? I have to explicit specify include paths and source files. When I try to add_subdirectory(src/Types) in cmake file I face the problem during deployment.

3. Why in Hydro this approach has worked without any warnings?

Best, Mariusz