Easy install of toolchain outdated?

Hi All,

I wanted to ask, why is it that the orocos website still has only the install guide for toolchain version 2.6 when 2.8 is the current version.

In addition there are several steps that are not mentioned in that install guide that are necessary for the toolchain to build which include:

sudo apt-get install gem sudo gem install rake sudo gem install hoe

(and having git installed and configuring it)

sudo apt-get install git git config --global user.email "your_email [..] ..." git config --global user.name "Your Name"

Gitorious is no longer hosting the code so I am unsure as to why there is a bootstrap installer for 2.6 that is pulling from gitorious.

In any case, I just changed all instances of gitorious.org to github.com and 2.6 to 2.8 and this bootstrap still works great, everything else is from the original 2.6 toolchain found on the easy install guide.

I have included the 2.8 bootstrap as a zip because .sh is not allowed, it would be nice to see it on the website!

bootstrap-2.8.sh_.zip1.53 KB

No env.sh


First of all, thanks for creating this bootstrap, I was also wondering why the official link is outdated. However, whenever I try to run the script it tells me that the env.sh file could not be found. I also couldn't find it when I looked for it, could it be that you forgot to include it in the zip? Please let me know, thanks in advance.