OCL deployer-gnulinux missing


I installed the orocos_toolchain by following this:


However, in order to compile the orocos_toolchain I had to switch to the master branch for the utilrb and typelib repositories. Using the 2.7 branch caused compile errors. I don't expect that this is a problem since the installation seems to have succeeded smoothly. My problem now is however that the file deployer-gnulinux is missing. The only binary files I have that come close to it are deployer and deployer-corba. How is this possible if ocl built just fine? Should I rebuild ocl under different settings? Please let me know, thanks!

OCL deployer-gnulinux

It seems like the binary was built but just placed under a different directory than I expected. In other words, the compilation succeeded just fine. Sorry for the confusion and thanks anwyays!