.ops parser error when putting a comment after a statement not terminated with a semicolon

I've encountered an unexpected parser error when loading an .ops file into the deployer on the orocos toolchain deployer 2.5 on ubuntu 10.04 (via ROS electric debian packages). The error can be reproduced with following script (test.ops):

require("print"); // I am a comment that works
require("print") // I am a comment that breaks

And running:

rosrun ocl deployer-gnulinux -s test.ops

It seems that when the "require()" function is called, and then followed by a comment, without a semicolon, the parser fails to detect the end of a statement:

0.108 [ ERROR  ][ScriptingService] test.ops :Parse error at line 4: Syntactic error: End of statement expected. Use a newline or ';' to separate statements.

I was under the impression that semicolons were not needed to terminate statements when they appear on single lines, is this correct?