Orocos Component Library 1.10.0 Released

A new release was created of OCL, updating documentation and keeping
up with the new features in RTT 1.10.

Hopefully, this will be the last time there is a major OCL release in
this form. We're discussing a new partitioning of the component
repositories separating the application/robot specific components from
the infrastructure components. Hopefully this will more clearly
separate the 'common application environment' from the robot specific
application itself.

Read below for the release notes.


Orocos Components Library (OCL) v1.10.0

This major release of the Orocos Components Library is aimed at the
Real-Time Toolkit v1.10.x. Major changes are:

* Refactoring of the CAN classes and added Socket-CAN and RTSocket-CAN
controller classes
* Updated deployer to use the new RTT::Activity classes
* Many fixes for building Debian packages for Orocos target of choice
* Uses KDL 1.0 API

An overview of the documented components is available here:

This release can be downloaded here: