Orocos iTaSC & rFSM workshop at ERF@Odense

At the European Robotics Forum 2012 KU Leuven and Intermodalics are organizing a three-part seminar, appealing to both industry and research institutes, titled:

  1. Introduction to state charts and reusable, modular task specification through the Orocos eco-system
  2. Hands-on-1: getting started with rFSM state charts in the Orocos eco-system
  3. Hands-on-2: getting started with instantaneous motion specification using constraints (iTaSC): reusable and modular task specification

For all information, you can consult the Workshop page

The sessions will be on March 6, 8h30-10h30 + 11h00-12h30 + 13h30-15h00 (Track four). For more detail consult the European Robotics Forum program

The workshop consists of three rather independent parts. It is advised but not required to follow the preceding session(s) when attending session two or three.

   1. The first session is a presentation session, it introduces the basic
   concepts of Orocos application programming, followed by rFSM state charts
   and the iTaSC framework.
   2. The second session is a hands-on session, that aims at making the
   participants familiar with rFSM state charts, which is a powerful though
   easy to use tool for robotic coordination and supervision tasks,
   3. The third sessions is also a hands-on session, that aims at
   introducing the concepts of constraint-based motion specification using the
   iTaSC framework. This framework and its software implementation was
   developed at the KU Leuven during the past years. It's key advantages are
   the composability of (partial) constraints and reusability of the
   constraint specification. The software is an open-source project, which has
   recently reached its 2.0 version.
The Orocos Workshop Team