orocos_toolchain, support for Xenomai 3

Hello everyone,

I recently made a Xenomai 3 support patch for orocos toolchain, fuerte branch, that I attach in this message. For now it is compilable against xenomai-3 next branch (need a small patch for Xenomai 3 too, that I also attach in here). However, I dont know which test to run to know if the new toolchain still working properly, and my patch is mainly for Xenomai support, so the flags that I inserted in may corrupt build for other sys & arch. If someone have time to take a look at my patch and do some necessary modifications it will be very helpful for me. I run my 1st test with 1 of my .launch file using deployer-xenomai, and it can't read the args (which indicate some .ops file to run). So there definetely a problem somewhere.

Some infos about my platform: ROS desktop-full fuerte orocos fuerte, patch with rtt-xenomai-3.patch & ocl-xenomai-3.patch following xenomai-3-next most recent commit, patch with xenomai-3-extras.patch

Thanks for spend your time to read this :)

rtt-xenomai-3.patch11.87 KB
ocl-xenomai-3.patch6.78 KB
xenomai-3-extras.patch1 KB