Questions about Orocos git repositories

Hi all,

I'm new to Orocos and I have some questions about the components of the
First: I'm working on Fedora 21, both the bootstrap scripts from the
Orocos website and from the Rock project does not work for me for a
number of reasons (among others, I would like to point out that the git server does really suck because it is going to shut
down the and of may (see, so by now _sometimes_
git fails with return code 28 using the git protocol and with error code
500 from the server using the http protocol, and anyway the bootstrap
scripts will be misleading in a couple of month!!)

So I successfully compiled from source from the repositories at
My questions are:
Do you suggest me to install ocl? What usefull things does it contains
for a _new_ user/project?

What is the purpose of the repository orocos_toolchain? It does only
contains empty folder named as the component of the orocos toolchain
(rtt, orogen, log4cpp, ecc..). Am I using git wrong?