UpdateHook getting called when "ownthread" operation is called

Hello Peter,

We just got bitten by this year-old issue:

"Changing the behaviour of updateHook()"

I did not read through the whole thread... are there still unmerged
patches for this?

In our use case, for experimental purposes, we want to set the flight
surfaces to some random value from lua (or by hand). For optimal
control related reasons, we don't want the control to apply
immediately, but the next time we trigger the camera.

We tried making a component that has an operation for queuing up a new
control value (but not immediately writing the output port), and an
updateHook that actually does the write, and is triggered by an event
port. Because of the above issue, however, our updateHook is getting
called prematurely, and the write happens immediately (and thus not on
a camera measurement boundary).

Update: While I was writing this mail, Kurt hacked around the issue
by setting the event port to trigger something other than updateHook
using the boost::bind stuff.