Programme of "Orocos Workshop" at EURON Annual Meeting in Leuven

The "Orocos Tutorial" workshop at the next Annual Meeting in Leuven
will have the following programme.

We use our most complex multi-robot and multi-sensor application
as a guide to motivate the need for a project like Orocos, and to illustrate its main features. We will show how, where and why the total application makes use of the Realtime ToolKit (RTT), the Bayesian Filtering Library (BFL) and the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL). We also show how we interface to and from Orocos, for reporting or visualisation.

The programme ends with a presentation of the roadmap towards version 2.0. So, we invite all participants to come with a constructively critical mind towards this tutorial, in order for the project to take as many of its users' comments into account as possible. (_And_ to convince potential users that Orocos is worthwhile to give a closer, active look in their upcoming robot control projects!)

Hope to see you in Leuven in two weeks!

Best regards,

Herman Bruyninckx
Workshop organiser