New mailing list: Orocos-users

Dear Orocos subscriber,

In order to provide a better coordination of user questions regarding Orocos
software, we have setup an "Orocos-users" website forum and mailing list for
any kind of user related questions.

NOTE: You can subscribe to the Orocos-users list by replying to this mail and
write on top the word "subscribe" (without quotes). You will get a
confirmation request to which you need to reply as well.

* [Orocos] remains the low-traffic announce list. We kindly ask users not to
post here any more.
* [Orocos-Dev] is for Real-Time Toolkit, Kinematics&Dynamics Library and
Orocos Component Library core developer discussions
* [BFL] is for Bayesian Filtering Library core developer discussions
* [Orocos-users] is for RTT, KDL, BFL and OCL (would-be) users

We hope this list will help current users finding useful information, without
having to filter through the developer and bugmail discussions.

The Orocos-users forum will be available here:

The list information page is available here:

Peter Soetens -- FMTC --
I hereby promise not to top-post on the
BFL mailing list
BFL [..] ...