OMG's Robotics Task Force

Yesterday, I attended the [OMG's Seminar on Robotics in Brussels|], Belgium (that's Europe for you). It was quite turbulent at moments, as there was not yet a consensus on what the standard on the 'Robot Technology Components' (RTC) should look like. Hall-way discussions made me miss out on the OpenRTM-aist presentation (Open Robotics Middleware). Well, I hope the organisers put the presentation soon on-line. Japanese reading people can find out [more on OpenRTM here|], the rest of us will have to do with staring at funny symbols or [get an impression here|].

The OpenRTM-aist 0.4.0 software release is downloadable from their website, if you happen to step/google on it. Their framework is completely CORBA based and quite immature. Although the website and videos appear to show otherwise, this software is currently not used in controlling a humanoid, as was confirmed during the meeting.

The half-day seminar ended with interesting discussions in a Korean restaurant in Brussels, thank you [OMG|] for paying my dinner!