[ANNOUNCE] Simulink toolbox for Orocos

The Flander's Mechatronics Technology Centre (http://www.fmtc.be) has
released a toolbox for creating Orocos components in Matlab/Simulink. It
lets you generate from Real-Time Workshop a ready to use component from a
Simulink model. The toolbox works for Simulink in Linux and Windows and comes
with a Windows installer and a user manual. A component generated with this
toolbox can be immediately compiled and loaded in an Orocos application,
without the need to write extra code.

Users can build a component by adding Orocos data ports for communication with
other components to their model and each model can be made run-time and XML
configurable using Orocos properties. Multiple Simulink components can run
together in the same application. The code has been made available under the
GNU General Public License (GPL) and can be downloaded for free from the