Orocos Workshop at euRobotics Forum, 7 April, Västerås

Intermodalics, Locomotec and KU Leuven organize an Orocos hands-on workshop on April 7 at the euRobotics Forum 2011, held in Västerås, Sweden on April 6-8. This is the major annual networking event for academic and industrial robotics researchers and product developers. Attending this event is only 94€ which includes all meals served at the European Robotics Forum on April 6-8, including dinner and evening activities. The participants also get free access to the exhibition and three full days of interesting seminars and sessions.

During the workshop, the participants will use their own laptop to control a real and a simulated KUKA YouBot, for which Locomotec is doing the distribution.

We are setting up a workshop webpage where participants can find the instructions on how to prepare for this workshop. Registration for the workshop is required, registered users will also receive updates by email as the instruction are updated.

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