Installation Manual

This document is not ready yet, but it's a wiki page so feel free to contribute


Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac


There are different ways for getting the software.

From debian/ubuntu packages

Orocos KDL is part of the geometry stack in the ROS distributions pre-Electric.

  • ros-cturtle/diamondback-geometry

Since ROS Electric it is available stand-alone as the orocos-kinematics-dynamics stack.

  • ros-electric/fuerte-orocos-kinematics-dynamics

Source using git

git clone

Building source with ROS

Building source with plain CMake

  • goto your orocos_kdl directory
  • create a build directory inside the orocos_kdl-dir and go inside:

mkdir <kdl-dir>/build ; cd <kdl-dir>/build
  • Launch ccmake

ccmake ..
  • configure [c], select the bindings you want to create, choose an appropriate installation directory
  • configure[c], generate makefiles [g]
  • make, wait, install and check

make;make check;make install