Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.6.0
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
OrocosThe project wide Orocos namespace contains all user classes of various projects
RTTContains TaskContext, Activity, OperationCaller, Operation, Property, InputPort, OutputPort, Attribute
RTT::baseBase classes of RTT classes
RTT::corbaCORBA (OmniORB/TAO) code for network data transport
RTT::detailConvenient short notation for every sub-namespace of RTT
RTT::extrasExtra classes not neccesary to build an Orocos application, but are handy in some cases, or serve as an example on how to extend the RTT
RTT::internalClasses which contain all implementation code for the RTT
RTT::marshClasses for reading/writing properties to/from file or data stream
RTT::osOS Abstractions such as Mutexes, Semaphores and Threads
RTT::pluginClasses and functions for creating and loading plugins
RTT::scriptingParser code for the Orocos real-time scripting language
RTT::typesClasses for typekits for describing and handling user data types