building geometric_relations_semantics with ROS Indigo

I am trying learn more about the geometric_relations_semantics software. Unfortunately, I am not experienced with ROS, and I am having trouble getting started. I am using the official Indigo VM released by the ROS team, but I get an error when following the geometric_relations_semantics quickstart instructions from . The error that I get is when executing `rosdep install geometric_relations_semantics`. I tried following the instructions exactly, so my suspicion is that there is either some initial step with setting up ROS that I am missing, or that something has changed with the rosbuild system with Indigo. (I believe the recommended build approach for ROS packages is now catkin.) So I guess my question is twofold: 1) are there updated instructions for building geometric_relations_semantics with rosbuild or catkin for the ROS Indigo release? or 2) what released ROS can I use for which the quick start instructions should work?

Thanks, Phil