Orocos Toolchain v2.2.1 Released

The v2.2.1 bugfix release of the Orocos toolchain is out. As usual, this release fixes issues discovered in the 2.2.0 release. Most notable improvements are:

  • Bootstrapping (bootstrap.sh script) works in ROS environments. It will detect if you're in a ROS_ROOT environment and check your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. OCL and RTT will install according to ROS 'standards'. If you're a frequent ROS user, you can also use the orocos_toolchain_ros package (http://www.ros.org/wiki/orocos_toolchain_ros)
  • The rtt-exercises have been majorly updated and now use the UseOrocos cmake macros (tagged v2.2.1)
  • We fixed some issues in typekits with custom XML marshalling code. Full resolution of all cases is going to be for the 2.3 release. This release does not support Xerces 3.0, you can turn Xerces of by setting OROBLD_FORCE_TINY_DEMARSHALLER=ON in RTT's cmake config
  • Orogen overhaul: This release contains the newest version of orogen for generating components and typekits
  • RTT scripting: fixes in parsing; calculating mathematical expressions
  • TaskBrowser: fixes with Xenomai, editline and termcap support
  • Deployer: support for roslaunching ros-nodes

And tons of other fixes & polishes.

As usual, you can download the release, or upgrade using the 'toolchain-2.2' or 'stable' git branches on the Gitorious Orocos Toolchain project.


Your Orocos Toolchain maintainer, Peter