Autoproj 1.13.0 has been released !

Apart from the usual bunch of bugfixes, some important changes are
getting into this release. They are described in more detail below:
- retry behaviour
- versioning support
- autoproj log
- testing support
- forcing the build of excluded packages

Autoproj will update itself the next time you either run "autoproj
update" without arguments, or aup --all

Retry behaviour
autoproj will retry a lot less than before, especially when running
git commands. The only commands that should retry are the ones
accessing the network.

Versioning Support
An overrides.d/ directory can be created in the main autoproj
configuration. This directory can hold override files, whose format is
the same than the overrides: section of overrides.yml. e.g.:
- tools/autobuild:
branch: master

These files are loaded in alphabetical order. One would usually want
to prefix them with two numbers to make the ordering clearer
(00-initial.yml or 99-last.yml)

The use of overrides.yml for this purpose is still supported, but deprecated