[Bug 1040] New: Error in compilation of typelib


Summary: Error in compilation of typelib
Product: RTT
Version: 2.0-mainline
Platform: Intel 64bit
OS/Version: Other
Status: NEW
Severity: blocker
Priority: P3
Component: Build System
AssignedTo: orocos-dev [..] ...
ReportedBy: caroline [dot] chanel [..] ...
CC: orocos-dev [..] ...
Estimated Hours: 0.0

Created attachment 862
--> http://bugs.orocos.org/attachment.cgi?id=862
this is the log file obtained on building

I'm on fedora 19,

and I installed ruby 1.9.3.

I have built and installed utilmm, log4cpp, and utilrb.
But, when I try to build typelib, I have this error :

In file included from /usr/include/c++/4.8.1/vector:64:0,
/usr/include/c++/4.8.1/bits/stl_vector.h: In instantiation of ‘class
required from here
/usr/include/c++/4.8.1/bits/stl_vector.h:704:7: erreur: cannot allocate an
object of abstract type ‘Typelib::Container’
resize(size_type __new_size, value_type __x = value_type())

please take a look on the log file attached.

Thanks for your help,
Caroline Chanel