Fwd: Testing needed: autoproj 1.11.0.rc9 and autobuild 1.7.12.rc5

How to test
Download the bootstrap script at

Run the script with the 'dev' option (must be the first option), e.g.
ruby autoproj_bootstrap dev git https://github.com/rock-core/buildconf

User-visible changes
acd is now much much faster
support for ruby 2.0 and 2.1
separate pull and push access for github/gitorious, thus allowing to
use https to pull and ssh to push on github, or https,https for people
that are behind a firewall
caching is now much faster. The implementation in 1.10.* was
actually slower, in general, than hitting the server
fix bug triggered by orocos-toolchain's bootstrap.sh script related
to the autoproj shell helpers

Package set developers
Accept loading multiple source files in addition to source.yml

Under-the-hood changes
This starts a major modularization and cleanup of the codebase
Fix corner-cases while loading-and-updating package sets. In
particular, init.rb will now be loaded just after the package set got
updated (a bug that was triggered during Rock's gitorious-to-github