lua deployer does not recognize types

lua deployer does not recognize some of the port types (declares unknown_t). It would not have been strange, but it recognizes the same typed ports for some components and does not do it for other within the same assembly.
All components link against the same typekit library of that type and use the same header (checked with ldd). I also checked with .types/typekits, the types are present, otherwise none  of the components would have been able to see them. The same setup is recognized by the standard deployer, though

Also, ports of KDL types are declared unknown_t as well, though kdl_typekit is visible (.types returns all the available types) and the component correctly links against the library. I used  <kdl_typekit/src/kdlTypekit.hp

header in component sources.
I am using ver 2.6 + ros-electric on Debian 7.2

Any hint is appreciated.
Thanks in advance