[PROPOSAL] Change in IOR-publishing behaviour of the taskcontext server constructor

Hello all.

I would like to get a behaviour in the taskcontext server constructor
(CORBA) in which the task is not registered anywhere *and* the IOR is
neither saved on disk nor displayed.

Instead of adding yet-another-mutually-exclusive-boolean-flag to the
constructor, I thought of creating a OR-ed flag system that would allow
to fine-tune the behaviour, namely:

MAYBE_PUBLISH_TO_NAME_SERVER (use_naming == true,
PUBLISH_TO_NAME_SERVER (use_naming == true, require_name_service==true)
PUBLISH_TO_CERR (use_naming==false)
PUBLISH_TO_FILE (use_naming==false)

of course, I would keep a backward-compatible version.

What I *am* wondering is what is the usefulness of setting
require_name_service to false ? (could you give me an example use-case ?)

Thoughts ?