RTT examples source


I am fiddling with the RTT examples under rtt_ros_integration (examples found here https://github.com/orocos-toolchain/rtt_examples/tree/rtt-2.0-examples) and doing so I have found another source for these exercises which is here (from P. Soetens https://github.com/psoetens/orocos-rtt-examples/tree/rtt-2.0-solution).

The P. Soetens source turn out to include an extra folder called simple-examples and which includes advanced examples.

Hence my questions:

   1) Is it worth checking the examples from folder simple-examples or are they all deprecated (dating from 2010...)?
   2) Also for the initial exercises from folder rtt-exercises, what is the best source? I guess it is code from the orocos-toolchain github account, and not from the psoetens github account. Anyone knows?