Creating an IplImage transport for Corba

I am still trying to make OpenCV IplImages transferable through Corba. I have read the KDL Toolit and Transport plugins to understand (maybe very badly) how to proceed:
1. I have created an IplImage.idl and translated it using tao_idl
2. I have created a CVToolkit that does nothing but declares the IplImage type to Orocos
3. I have invoked ORO_TOOLKIT_PLUGIN(CVToolkit)
4. I have created a CVCorbaConversion framework by redefining RTT::AnyConversion
5. I have registered this converter in a CVCorbaTransportPlugin
6. I have invoked ORO_TOOLKIT_PLUGIN(CVCorbaPlugin)

When I display the Camera frame (without Corba), the command (in a deployer)
: Camera.frame.Get()
= (IplImage)

When I try to remotely do the same thing, I have an error
Failing Corba::Any creation of type IplImage.

It seems to me that my AnyConversion is not taken into account.
When the deployer imports my toolkit lib, it displays
Registered new 'CORBA' transport for IplImage

Any idea?

Thanks !