New: Orocos-dev forum on

In an increasing effort to centralise all Orocos information on the website,
this mailinglist is now mirrored on A mail posted to this list
appears automatically on the rtt-dev forum and vice versa.

This has some consequences though:

1. If you did not yet create an account on, a new one will be
automatically created when you post to this list. I believe you'll have to
request the password if you wish to login on with that account. If
you have an account that matches your email address, the email
will appear automatically in your account.

2. Anyone who has an account can from now on participate in the
discussions. In case you are not subscribed to the orocos-dev mailing list,
you can do so on once you are logged
in. Then your mails will also appear on the orocos-dev list.

This is currently in 'beta' testing, but I would recommend a same setup for
the bfl and/or kdl lists. Please contact me off-list to get setup