RFC: Development roadmap update

It has been 4 months since 1.0.0 was released and although the bug
report rate is declining, that doesn't mean it don't need fixing :-)
On the other hand, we need to remain polite to the 'conservative' users
which are quite happy with a broken build system and a whopping 158
directories for storing sources (yes, it's that many). Enter common sense.

Even before 1.0.0 was released, an experimental branch (the 'cmake' branch)
was created by a few volunteers in order to fix some long standing issues such
as shared libraries and a more transparent build system. As success was
booked quite early, it became clear that this branch was the best starting
point for RTT 1.2.0.
Some valueable changes have been happening on the 'volunteer/cmake/1.2.0'
branch and some other changes are waiting for check-in or a volunteer to
implement it. The current Bugzilla list for 1.2.0 is:

ID Status Summary
237 NEW missing function RTT::OS::DecreasePriority
301 NEW Toolkit Plugins should provide read()/operator>> as well
353 NEW loopActivity
289 NEW Rethink the os/oro_*.h assembly functions
28 NEW [Project]Build shared libraries
352 NEW TaskContext offers no configuration function
223 NEW Change Orocos directory structure

ID's #237, and #352 have no candidate patch yet and are still open issues. The
others are checked in or have a patch waiting in Bugzilla.

Other relevant bugs for 1.2.0 (but not tagged as such) are:

328 NEW [Project]Refactor TaskObject vs TaskContext
323 NEW [Project]Further code size reduction
326 NEW [Project]XML format: change of type="xyz" fields
325 NEW [Project]Add "PropertyMarshaller" class

Only bug #328 has a patch ready.

Given all the above issues, I'd like to decide upon which are 1.2.0 candidates
and formulate a timeline for the 1.2.0 release. Here is where _you_ come in.
I'd like you to:

* Read the bug reports
* Comment if you like them for inclusion in 1.2.0
* Comment if you want to take the job of an open issue, some are quite easy.

Please also formulate your opinion on bug #328 as this is the biggest change.
I have my picks as well, but I'll leave that as a surprise for later :-)

When the dust settles (i.e. patches are applied), I want to release 1.1.0
(development release) asap in order to gain feedback from motivated users.
That would mean that 1.2.0 is not released before the end of april, or in
other words, about 6 months after 1.0.0.