Orocos RTT 1.2.0 Progress report

I started merging the open patches on the 1.2.0 branch, such that the
developer's release 1.1.0 can be made. This was done using Bugzilla,
but a too strict spam filter blocked all messages to this list :-(

These issues have been fixed on rtt/trunk (v1.2.0) up til now:

28 RESO FIXE [Project]Build shared libraries
223 RESO FIXE Change Orocos directory structure
289 RESO FIXE Rethink the os/oro_*.h assembly functions
301 RESO FIXE Toolkit Plugins should provide read()/operator>> as well
314 RESO FIXE Priority and scheduler of activities
325 RESO FIXE [Project]Add "PropertyMarshaller" class
339 RESO FIXE rtt-1.2 branch with corba does not compile:
340 RESO FIXE buffers_test doesn't compile
341 RESO FIXE strange compile error of state_test in rtt-1.2 branch
342 RESO FIXE Linking problems with rtt-1.2 branch and corba
352 RESO FIXE TaskContext offers no configuration function
353 RESO FIXE loopActivity

All these changes are backwards compatible with RTT 1.0.x.

Support for PowerPC has been added as well and is being tested with Xenomai on
a 604e PPC and the standard GNU C/C++ library (not uclibC) and BusyBox. I'm
using gcc 3.3.6 and glibc 2.2.5.

The 1.1.0 release will not yet have fully updated manuals. The API docs are up
to date though. I'll change the nightly doc generation to use this branch
from now on, as it still checks out the 1.0 branch.

Although 1.1.0 will be a developer's release, it passes all unit tests. The
stress will be on the new build system and seeing if people can get it to
work in their environment.

I'll release it when it's ready.