Bugzilla location changed & upgraded

We were experiencing increased spam on our Bugzilla server on
and have disabled that site.
We have setup a new Bugzilla 3.0(-rc1) server on

which has some improved features over the 2.2 version. All bugs have moved,
but some issues may come up yet. Please let us know.

Improved features are:
* A default CC list for each product/component: The orocos-dev and bfl
mailing lists have been set as default CC's, which means that when
you 'ACCEPT' a bug, the list is still notified of any changes to that bug.
This only applies to new bugs.
* The From: field in emails is now User Name <user [dot] name [..] ...>
* The layout of the website has changed a bit, an IMHO looks prettier.

If you're using IE, let us know how the site looks as we're using mainly
Firefox and Konqueror !

We're also looking for a way to redirect any request for the old server to the
new server location, but that is still WIP.

Peter Soetens -- FMTC --
I hereby promise not to top-post on the
BFL mailing list
BFL [..] ...

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