Google Adsense

I've setup a Google adsense banner for the whole site. The owner (me) is not allowed to click on such a banner, but I suggest that 'core' developers also avoid clicking on them as well at the risk of being excluded from the Adsense program.
The Adsense program is very strict and can actually be easily violated. For example, we can not add a line 'Click here to support our site' near an adsense banner (let's hope this article does not already ring all alarm bells at Google's !). Now what you will notice is that a lot of banners are actually off-topic. This generally means that there are not enough relevant keywords on your page and that you need to add more content !

The Drupal Adsense module was a horror to get it working, it took me 3 hours of trying and reading fora, until I decided to hack the PHP code itself and got it running within 10 minutes. The Adsense ID is now hardcoded in the site's code... (remember that when you upgrade the module's code). Let's see if this pays off.