Huge patch on trunk: whitespace removal


We were noticing lately that some editors (like Eclipse) remove trailing
whitespace when a file is saved. This causes unnecessary hunks in patches.
We're preparing trunk/rtt & ocl to remove these in one commit.

The command used is:

for i in $(find . -name '*hpp' -o -name '*cpp' | grep -v '.svn'); do
sed -i -r 's/[ \t]*$//' $i; done

In case you want to preview what will be done, you can use (note: echo):

for i in $(find . -name '*hpp' -o -name '*cpp' | grep -v '.svn'); do echo
sed -i -r 's/[ \t]*$//' $i; done

I believe KDL & BFL will need such a change as well. Normally, it should be
the job of the svn system to check for these whitespaces (and all indentation
for that matter) and remove them when comitted. But for now, this is a manual

I have also changed the 'header_gen' scripts (see trunk/rtt/tools/scripts/)
such that they do no longer add whitespace at the end of some lines.