1st RTT developer's workshop half way

1st RTT Developer's Meeting Picture1st RTT Developer's Meeting PictureThe 1st RTT Developers Workshop is just halfway and already delivered some promising results, including a release date for RTT 2.0.0.

Although the improvements in API usability and simplicity of concepts plays a great role in this release, the immediate advantage users will feel is the availability of tools to assist during development. The emphasis is entirely on code generation (in order to avoid repetitive and error-prone programming tasks) and new software creation and maintenance.

Users will no longer download individual libraries but install a complete toolchain that supports them in developing real-time component-based robotics applications.

The release date has been set on august 16th, 2010. The majority of the remaining time will be spent on polishing the toolchain and the documentation.

The RTT developer's keep a day-by-day blog on the 1st RTT Developers Workshop wiki page.