RTT 1.10.1 and OCL 1.10.1 Released

Thanks to all our brave .0 testers, a first bug-fix release came around. Also some older outstanding bugs have been fixed. The short release notes follow below.

The Orocos Real-Time Toolkit v1.10.1.

The Orocos development team is pleased to announce first bug fix release of the Real-Time Toolkit v1.10, a C++ toolkit for building component based, real-time robotics and machine control applications.

You can download this release from


and read the installation instructions on


Most prominent fixes are:

  • Fixed some unit tests under LXRT
  • Corrected priority checks on Mac OS X
  • Fixed wrong order of multiplication/division in scripting (bug #664)
  • Fix crash/bug in scripting where parser enters infinite recursion
  • Fix linking with Xenomai when using the orocos-rtt-xenomai.pc file
  • Fix: building RTT with mingw. Based on suggestions on Orocos-dev ML.
  • Fixed install instructions after angry user feedback. Users should be aware of the use of CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH to specify where their libraries are installed in non-standard locations.


Orocos Components Library (OCL) v1.10.1.

This bugfix release of the Orocos Components Library is aimed at the Real-Time Toolkit v1.10.x. Changes are:

  • Fixing some of the older hardware driver components.
  • Fixing compilation issues in the rt can classes
  • Fix deployer throws exception when importing relativepath/libname_without_target.
  • Fix line reading of TaskBrowser in NO_GPL mode.

An overview of the documented components is available here:


This release can be downloaded here: