Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0.2 released

The Orocos development team announces the second bug-fix release of the Orocos Real-Time Toolkit 1.0. A license change from LGPL to the GPL + linking exception was done. The LGPL did not cover C++ templates correctly, while the new license does and is legally more sound for use in commercial applications. You can get it from the download page.

This release improved the on-line documentation and addressed the following reported issues:

   ID    Vers   TargetM   Summary
  257    oroco   1.0.2   Warning when compiling ParsedStateMachine
  305    1.0.1   1.0.2   Change license from LGPL to GPL+exception
  307    1.0.1   1.0.2   Race condition in AtomicQueue
  310    oroco   1.0.2   PulseTrainGenerator Interface
  312    oroco   1.0.2   MutexTryLock does not work correctly in LXRT
  313    oroco   1.0.2   Corba build fails due to broken packages/configure.ac