[ANNOUNCE] Real-Time Toolkit v1.2.0 released

The Orocos development team is pleased to announce the second major
feature release of the Real-Time Toolkit, a C++ toolkit for building
component based, real-time robotics and machine control applications.

You can download this release from

and read the installation instructions on

The Real-Time Toolkit (RTT) library allows application designers to
build highly configurable and interactive component-based real-time
control applications. You might use it to:

* Control devices ranging from sensors to complete robots
* Capture the data flows between components
* Tune your algorithms at run-time
* Write your controller as a hierarchical state machine
* Interact with your devices directly from a GUI or command prompt
* Extend it with your own data types
* Configure components and the application from XML files
* Extend your legacy control applications with all the above
* Run it on standard operating systems as well as dedicated real-time

This release has improved on several user reported issues such as an
improved component model, allowing on-line component
(re-)configuration and better control over threading. This release's
major feature highlights are:

* Improved run-time component configuration possibilities
* New build system for shared and static libraries using CMake
* Configurable for large or embedded systems
* PowerPC port
* Enables dynamic component loading and configuration using the
Orocos Component Library

If you'd like a high level overview of the Orocos libraries, visit

If you'd like to get started building your own components, visit

This release is backwards compatible with the 1.0.x releases, although
some functionality has been deprecated or alternative usage patterns
are preferred. These and other changes and improvements can be found
in the Orocos RTT Changes document on