Bayesian Filtering Library

The Bayesian Filtering Library

The Bayesian Filtering Library (BFL) [ref] provides an application independent framework for inference in Dynamic Bayesian Networks, i.e., recursive information processing and estimation algorithms based on Bayes' rule, such as (Extended) Kalman Filters, Particle Filters (or Sequential Monte Carlo methods), etc.

BFL in action (aka the screenshots and movie page)

This page needs to be rewritten from its deprecated brother/sister. Please help and send your fancy BFL application to the Mailinglist.

Referring to BFL

Please use the following BibTeX entry when referring to BFL:

@Misc{            bfl-url,
  author        = {Gadeyne, Klaas},
  title         = {{BFL}: {B}ayesian {F}iltering {L}ibrary},
  year          = {2001},
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Subversion acces

The current tree (since november 2004) doesn't contain the matrix
wrapper code anymore, it has been moved to a separate "project". So now you have to get both subdirs as described below.

svn co bfl-trunk
svn co matrixwrapper-trunk

Installation instructions are found in the INSTALL file or the Getting Started Guide.