Autoproj manifest problem installation

Dear all,

I try to install Orocos toolchain 2.4.0 from tarball source from the website into with a Debian 6.0.2 OS, I used the next commands:

> apt-get install ruby 
> apt-get install cmake
> apt-get install libboost-all-dev
> apt-get install libomniorb4-dev
> apt-get install libomnithread3-dev
> apt-get install omniorb4-idl
> apt-get install omniidl4
> apt-get install rubygems
> apt-get install libxslt-dev
> gem install nokogiri
> gem install autobuild
> gem install autoproj 
> source ./
I has been problems with the installation of autoproj, but finally its appear accesible to execute as a command line. bBut when I try to execute it, appear the next sentence error:

in /root/orocos-toochain-2.4.0/autoproj/manifest: the source specification {:release=>nil} misses either the CVS type or an URL

I compare the folder autoproj from the Debian embedded platform with the Ubuntu Desktop, and see differences inside, i.e: on Debian not exists some files like:, config.jml or install & remote folders.

Someone can help me? Thanks in advance