[ANN] autoproj 1.8.2 has been released !

User-visible Changes:
* The gitorious importers will now retry 10 times by default
* Experimental Fedora support. This means that the fedora:
OS type is now available in osdeps files, and autoproj itself
has fedora osdeps in default.osdeps. Rock is (slowly) getting
filled with Fedora osdep definitions as well ...
* Packages will be automatically excluded if they depend on
an OS dependency that is not available on the current
system (it still has to be defined somewhere). What it
means is that if one does e.g.

- rock

Then the packages in the "rock" package set that depend
on osdeps not available on the current OS will be
ignored, and a warning is issued. If one *directly* depends
on such a package, however, an error is still generated
* autoproj itself will install its ruby dependencies as binary
packages (as opposed to gems) when possible
* fix autoproj/remotes/* being re-checked out on branch changes.
Autoproj now properly simply switching branches
* fix running amake in a package that is not declared anywhere
(a.k.a. auto-adding packages) (closes #180)
* autoproj snapshot now issues a proper error message if the
target directory is not given (closes #147)
* autoproj update and aup update the configuration if given (or run
from) an autoproj configuration directory (closes #154)

Package Set Developer Changes
* importers all have a retry_count option
* the osdep system is more flexible w.r.t. gem vs. binary packages.
It is now possible to specify that by default a gem should be
installed but that on e.g. ubuntu 12.04 a certain binary package
should be installed (before, one could not avoid the gem). For

debian: ruby-nokogiri
gem: nokogiri

* given a bla.osdep file, if a bla.osdeps-ruby18 and/or bla.osdeps-
ruby19 file are also present, they get loaded if autoproj is run
under ruby 1.8 or ruby 1.9. This allow to install different
packages depending on the ruby version
* autoproj should now be robust to people changing the current
directory in one of the autoproj build scripts (closes #130)